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Daily Thought

The AA-Alive Daily Thought is sent by request at no cost to those in recovery from alcoholism, and highlights AA Conference-approved literature along with shares and thoughts from actual AA members similar to life shares in the AA Grapevine.

Daily Thought 01.18.18

January 18th 2018

Daily Thought AA Thought for the Day (courtesy January 18, 2018 Blind For a brief moment, I had needed and wanted God. There had been a humble willingness to have Him with me—and He came. But soon the sense of His presence had been blotted out by worldly clamors, mostly those within myself. And so it had been ever since. How blind I had been. - Alcoholics Anonymous, pp. 12 - 13 Thought to Ponder Today, my brain has cleared with the grace of clarity. AA-rela ...Continue Reading